We organise to ensure formerly incarcerated trans women are supported – Kenya’s story

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My name is Kenya Cuevas, director of Casa de las Muñecas Tiresias and director of Casa Hogar Paola Buenrostro, the first shelter for trans women in Latin America. I am a trans woman who was unjustly deprived of her liberty in Santa Marta Caticla and well, today I am working in the fight for the rights of people deprived of their liberty, for them to have the right to social reintegration. 

In the Casa de Las Muñecas organisation, we have fought for the benefit of all these populations that are in a situation of vulnerability, and the criminalisation that is generated in relation to drug consumption. We are fighting and litigating cases of women deprived of their liberty, we are juridically alphabetising, and we are also bringing cultural, sports and addiction related activities for these women, in order to develop social reintegration. 

Well, currently, all these changes have been generated through the empathy of many organizations and many sectors of society, who are understanding the constant criminalisation generated by drug policies in Mexico and well.