Prosecuted by the same system that encouraged me to sell – Damira’s story

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My name is Damira. I was 22 when I met my life partner. He was 10 years older than me. Because of his influence I got first addicted to drugs. Then he started selling drugs. He told me all the time that I was young, unprosecuted, and if we got caught, I would take all the blame – that they wouldn’t give me a long sentence. Then when the trouble with the police began, he also added stealing charges to the drug selling. I took all the blame, just like he said. He got three years’ probation. After that, there were no chances of rehabilitation, no prospects. And right my conviction, I got sucked back into the drug business. So, I got 6 convictions, 2 of them for selling drugs – the rest were for using drugs. (The first conviction was for drug use and theft). 

The selling of drugs was done through the police. And once when I was released from prison, a policeman would meet me and make me sell again on the first day of my release. Then I got caught. I pointed to the one who was supplying and supervising. This policeman was jailed. But he got out, and my last sentence is his revenge. I have no home, no family, no children, no HIV status. No one to stand up for me. That’s why I’m allowed to speak anonymously. With my face covered. 


Damira’s story was originally compiled by the Asteria Public Foundation. The story was translated using DeepL.com, and edited for clarity