The Global Drug Policy Index is a project of the Harm Reduction Consortium, which includes the following partners: the European Network of People Who Use Drugs (EuroNPUD), the Eurasian Harm Reduction Association (EHRA), the Eurasian Network of People who Use Drugs (ENPUD), the Global Drug Policy Observatory (GDPO) / Swansea University, Harm Reduction International (HRI), the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), the Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association (MENAHRA), the West African Drug Policy Network (WADPN), the Women and Harm Reduction International Network (WHRIN), and Youth RISE. Special thanks are due to Jamie Bridge (IDPC) for coordinating the Harm Reduction Consortium throughout this ambitious project.

Index development and data collection

Methodology and Index development:
Prof Dave Bewley-Taylor and Dr Matthew Wall (GDPO, Swansea University)

Coding team:
Daisy Evans, Fin Oades, Jack Tudor and Ladislav Zeman (Swansea University)

Research on harm reduction funding:
Catherine Cook, Charlotte Davies, Colleen Daniels, Giada Girelli, Naomi Burke-Shyne, Sam Shirley-Beavan and Suchitra Rajagopalan (HRI)

Civil society survey:
Thanks are due to all 371 civil society experts who filled in the civil society survey to assess drug policy implementation in their country.

Scientific Advisory Group

Prof Alison Ritter (Drug Policy Modelling Program, Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales), Prof Cees van der Eijk (Methods and Data Institute, the University of Nottingham), Colleen Daniels (HRI), Isabel Pereira (Dejusticia), Luciana Pol (CELS), Mat Southwell (EuroNPUD), Nazlee Maghsoudi (University of Toronto and Centre on Drug Policy Evaluation), Sandeep Chawla (Formerly UNODC, currently retired/independent) and Dr Vivienne Moxham-Hall (Policy Institute, King’s College London).

Communications Advisory Group

Carolina Ahumada (Youth RISE), Ganna Dovbakh (EHRA), Hasan Fakih (MENAHRA), Jake Agliata (INPUD), Jurgita Juozaitytė (EHRA), Marie Nougier (IDPC), Michael Kessler (Consultant), Peter Kim (CDPC), Ruby Lawlor (Youth RISE) and Suchitra Rajagopalan (HRI). Special thanks are due to Juan Fernández Ochoa (IDPC) for coordinating this group.

Index methodology consultations

Focus group discussions:
Adria Cots Fernandez (IDPC), Ailish Brennan (Youth RISE), Ajeng Larasati (HRI), Ancella Voets (Frontline AIDS), Ann Fordham (IDPC), Anna Dovbakh (EHRA), Anton Basenko (ENPUD), Beatrix Vas (Youth RISE), Catherine Cook (HRI), Chinwike Chijioke Chinwike (WADPN), Clemmie James (HPA), Corina Giacomello (Equis Justicia para las Mujeres), Daisy Bowdery (Youth RISE & IDPC), Damon Barrett (University of Gothenburg), Dania Putri (IDPC), Daniel Wolfe (OSF), Dave Bewley-Taylor (GDPO), David Subeliani (ENPUD), Elie Aaraj (MENAHRA), Eliza Kurcevic (EHRA), Ernesto Cortes (LANPUD), Gen Sander (HRI), Giada Girelli (HRI), Gloria Lai (IDPC), Hisyam Ikhtiar (LBH Masyarakat), Isabel Pereira (Dejusticia), Jamie Bridge (IDPC), Jeff Lazarus (IS Global), Joana Canedo (Youth RISE), John Walsh (WOLA), Juan Fernández Ochoa (IDPC), Julius Togba (WADPN), Kunal Naik (Coalition Plus), Lisa Sanchez (MUCD), Lt. Abibatu D. Cole (WADPN), Luciana Pol (CELS), Machteld Busz (Mainline), Marie Nougier (IDPC), Martin Jelsma (TNI), Mat Southwell (EuroNPUD), Matthew Kavanagh (HIV Policy Lab), Matthew Wilson (OSF), Mauro Guarinieri (INPUD), Mike Trace (Rome Consensus Partnership), Nazlee Maghsoudi (ICSDP), Olga Belyaeva (ENPUD), Orzala Nemat (AREU), Pablo Cymerman (Intercambios), Palani Narayanan (Global Fund), Pann Ei Kham (DPAG), Penny Hill (Harm Reduction Australia), Prince Bull Luseni (WADPN), Robert Csak (HRI), Rui Miguel Coimbra Morais (EuroNPUD), Ruth Birgin (WHRIN), Sam Shirley-Beavan (HRI), Samuel Ayisi (WADPN), Shaun Shelly (TB/HIV Care Association), Steve Rolles (Transform Drug Policy Foundation), Summer Walker (GI-TOC), Taras Ratushnui (ENPUD), Tess Woolfenden (HPA), Thomas Brigden (EJAF), Thomas Cai (AIDS Care China), Tripti Tandon (Lawyers Collective), Valentin Simionov (INPUD), Vicknasingam Balasingam Kasinather (UMMC), Victoria Grandsoult (UNITE) and Vielta Parhomenko (WHRIN & ENPUD). Thanks are due to Wanjiku Shelmerdine for moderating the discussions, and to Alexander Soderholm for acting as rapporteur and drafting the report of the focus groups discussions.

Expert interviews and discussions:
Brendan Hughes (EMCDDA), Catherine Cook, Robert Csak and Sam Shirley-Beavan (HRI), Prof Desmond Cohen (Independent), Prof Ken Benoit (London School of Economics), Prof Peter Reuter (University of Maryland), Phillipa Tucker (Accountability International) and Thalia Keohoe Rowden (Human Rights Measurement Initiative). Thanks are due to Jack Tudor for acting as rapporteur and drafting the report of these meetings. Note that engagement with the consultation process does not indicate endorsement of the project.

UN expert meeting participants and interviewees:
Angela Me (UNODC), Annette Verster (WHO), Ehab Salah (UNODC), Emily Christie (UNAIDS), Fariba Soltani (UNODC), Jane N Batte (UNAIDS), Keith Sabin (UNAIDS), Rebecca Schleifer (UNDP), Thomas Pietschmann (UNODC) and Zaved Mahmood (OHCHR). Note that engagement with the consultation process does not indicate endorsement of the project.

Dimension construction and index weighting consultations

Adeeba Kamarulzaman (Universiti Malaya & International AIDS Society), Ahsan Ahmad (Universiti Malaya & Yale University), Axel Klein (ECOWAS), Caroline Chatwin (University of Kent), Alex Stevens (University of Kent), Catherine Appleton (University of Leeds), Catherine Neill Harris (Rice University), Coletta Youngers (IDPC), Constanza Sanchez (ICEERS), Craig Reinarman (University of California Santa Cruz), Damon Barrett (University of Gothenburg), David Mansfield (Independent Consultant), Diederik Lohman (Consultant), Diego Garcia Devis (OSF), Dirk van Zyl Smit (University of Nottingham, Leverhulme Emeritus Professor), Ediomo-Ubong Nelson (International Blue Cross/GDPO), Gernot Klantschnig (University of Bristol), Gloria Lai (IDPC), Heloisa Broggiato Matter (IAHPC & Swansea University), John Walsh (WOLA), Julia Buxton (University of Manchester), Julie Hannah (University of Essex), Karen Joe Laidler (Hong Kong University), Katherine Pettus (IAHPC), Khalid Tinasti (Graduate Institute), Lisa Sanchez (MUCD), Maria-Goretti Loglo (IDPC), Mikhail Golichenko (HIV Legal Network), Monica Barrett (RMIT University), Naomi Burke-Shine (HRI), Neil Carrier (University of Bristol), Niamh Eastwood (Release), Olivia Rope (PRI), Pedro Arenas (Corporación Viso Mutop), Peter Sarosi (RRF), Rick Lines (Swansea University), Ricky Gunawan (OSF), Steve Rolles (Transform Drug Policy Foundation), Summer Walker (GI-TOC), Tripti Tandon (Indian Lawyers Collective), Yong-an Zang (Shanghai University), Zara Snapp (Instituto RIA) and Zoe Pearson (University of Wyoming).

Story telling

The stories showcased in the Global Drug Policy Index were collated thanks to the invaluable support of many colleagues from sister organisations worldwide. The Harm Reduction Consortium is indebted to them and especially to the storytellers whose life experiences compellingly illustrate the information presented by the Index.

Website development

The website for the Global Drug Policy Index was designed by Café.

Analytical report

This report was drafted by Marie Nougier and Adria Cots Fernandez (IDPC). The authors wish to thank the following reviewers for their valuable inputs and comments: Ann Fordham, Jamie Bridge and Juan Fernandez Ochoa (IDPC), Dave Bewley-Taylor and Matthew Wall (GDPO, Swansea University), Catherine Cook, Colleen Daniels, Giada Girelli and Naomi Burke-Shyne (HRI). The report was designed by Café.